Why I started this blog part 2: how can you buy stamps when you can’t afford envelopes?

I was getting asked a lot of the same questions from entrepreneurial 20-somethings considering their own startup. I figured there are many more out there also looking for resources and feedback and guidance from a peer who, just five years ago, was in their situation.

Once I committed to starting the blog, I looked around for what other resources were doing the same thing. I wanted to see what I liked from them, what I didn’t, topics that weren’t getting much attention that I could discuss, etc., etc.

The two things I found – and didn’t find – after 30 minutes of searching really shocked me.

First, I couldn’t find a single blog or resource that thoroughly covered the nonprofit startup experience from a Millennial perspective – someone who wrote weekly about her experience, a news site that created a section on the startup process, etc.

There is a TON of coverage about our generation wanting to be entrepreneurs and starting innovative organizations. But there was a stunning lack of conversation dedicated to the “how.”

I’m hoping I’m just bad at Google. If so, please call me out and link to what I missed.

Second, and maybe worse, most of the resources I did find about the startup process had many recommendations that I think are wrong. And they were generally one dimensional articles such as “10 things to do before starting a nonprofit.”

Some examples: apply for a bulk mailer account to get the nonprofit discount on postage, create a well-connected board of directors, and write a business plan.
At the beginning, none of these things are necessary. Why worry about stamps when you can’t even afford envelopes? And how are you going to create a well-connected board when your idea is brand new and you don’t know many well-connected people?

These lists don’t cover the process from a firsthand, emotional, personal, impassioned, and transparent perspective or discuss tactics. They feel more like a list from the IRS than an entrepreneur.

These ideas aren’t wrong in general, but they are wrong for a 22 year old looking to get his idea off the ground.

A lack of resources and a lot of misguided ones – two more reasons to start this blog.


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