A Degree vs. Startup Experience. What’s Better for a Career?

Why is it culturally encouraged and supported to go into debt for a degree but not for starting a nonprofit? The goal is to prepare people for careers, not just go to class. Our society should support the best ways to do that regardless of the “how.”

Let’s assume your startup folds after one year. Afterwards you’ll have:
1)    Leadership experience that is rare in both breadth and depth for a 20-something
2)    A big network of smarter, more connected people
3)    Authentic real world experience in a ton of areas

These are perhaps the most important things to success in your career. Yet you don’t get many of them by the time you have a degree or they are minimal in comparison to actually starting an organization.

Our society should do more to help finance young people who want to start nonprofits. At best, some of them work and change the world. At the least, we learn more about what’s not working and develop more leaders for the 21st century.

I’m not exactly sure how this would work or if it’s a good idea, but it’s something I’ve thought about from time to time.


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