Links: Most Important Element of a Pitch, How to Get Startup Ideas, and Friend’s Idea

Here’s a Sure Fire Way to Blow a Pitch on ‘Shark Tank — two guy started “Netflix for ties.”  But the two founders got called out for not showing passion for their idea.  I actually watched this episode and noticed this.  They made a classic mistake: they over thought things and forgot the basics.

If you don’t express endless passion about what you’re doing, you won’t get many investors.  That’s especially true for nonprofits — people give to people and invest in leaders.  The data, model, proof points, etc. are highly emphasized (and should be), but lack of passion is generally deal breaker.  (Side note: charisma and passion are not the same thing. You don’t need charisma to start an organization but you do need passion.)

How to Get Startup Ideas — Paul Graham is a big time investor in Silicon Valley.  And his essays are always spot-on for all startups, nonprofit and for profit.  My favorite line from this one:

There are two more filters you’ll need to turn off if you want to notice startup ideas: the unsexy filter and the schlep filter.

Matt Rutter — Co-founder of GrapeVibe — Giving a friend some link love, but also wanted to note his answer when asked: “If you were to start again, what would you do differently?”

I would have started earlier. It’s really time consuming to try to create a startup while working full-time. I wish I could have taken some time off right after college and fall back on a job if things didn’t work out.

And check out his site:


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