Articles of the Week: Making Yourself a CEO, 5 Changes to Nonprofits in 2013, How to Allocate Your Time, and more

Making Yourself a CEO by Ben Horowitz

The article is largely about giving feedback and really well done:

To become elite at giving feedback, you must elevate yourself beyond a basic technique like the shit sandwich.  You must develop a style that matches your own personality and values. Here are the keys to being effective…

5 Things that Will Change the Way Nonprofits Work in 2013 by Suzanne Perry, Caroline Preston, and Cody Switzer in the Chronicle of Philanthropy

How Mike Rothberg Went from Sleeping on Couches to Running a $5 Million VC Fund by Alyson Shontell

You might read this and say “Yeah, he went to Stanford and Harvard, giving him a great network.  He’s basically starting from third base.”  Certainly helps a ton.  But what I love about this story is the bare-bones living and do-whatever-it-takes approach.

How to Allocate Your Time, and Your Effort by Elizabeth Grace Saunders in

One of the better time management articles I’ve read — a ton of great actionable advice.

The rules changed when I started my own business over seven years ago. I realized that doing A-work in everything limited my success.


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